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Andalusian HORSES


Andalusian horses, also known as Spanish horses, are a distinctive and versatile equine breed with a deep historical legacy rooted in the region of Andalusia, Spain. These magnificent specimens possess exceptional physical attributes and character traits that have made them a cherished choice for both enthusiasts and professionals in the equestrian world.

Andalusian horses can be of purebred or crossbred lineage. Purebred individuals are registered in the genealogical book of the PRE (Pura Raza Española), boasting traceable and authenticated ancestry that supports their lineage. On the other hand, crossbred horses are issued a Spanish crossbred horse passport, earning them the label of Andalusian horses. Even though they lack purebred lineage, these specimens can still exhibit outstanding qualities.

Physically, Andalusian horses are distinguished by their graceful carriage and powerful musculature. Their head features a broad forehead and expressive eyes, while their neck is arched and well-proportioned.

In terms of character, Andalusian horses are known for their intelligence, gentle disposition, and docile nature. They form strong bonds with humans, rendering them loyal and dependable companions. Moreover, they display a keen aptitude for learning and versatility across various equestrian disciplines, such as classical dressage, working equitation, high school shows or driving.

In regard to talent, Andalusian horses demonstrate their talent in a variety of activities, ranging from exhibitions to competitive sports. Their adaptability and willingness to collaborate with riders make them outstanding performers in diverse equestrian contexts.

One noteworthy aspect is the price of Andalusian horses compared to purebred ones. While purebred individuals can be valuable due to their authenticated lineage, crossbred Andalusian horses offer a more advantageous price point. This makes them an appealing option for those seeking a high-quality equine companion without incurring the costs associated with purebred horses.

In summary, whether purebred or crossbred, Andalusian horses are specimens of exceptional beauty, friendly character, and standout versatility in the equestrian world. Their lineage and physical attributes make them excellent companions and competitors across various disciplines. Andalusian horses, even when not purebred, can become exceptional partners at a more affordable price than their purebred counterparts.


Andalusian Horses: a Great Variety

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of exclusive Andalusian/ P.R.E. horses. Our breeders look really well for them, with great care, which is crucial for their physical health and for developing a good temperament. 

The versatility of the Andalusian breed is exceptional. It does not really matter what your goals are: excel in dressage, stand out in the show ring, or simply enjoy having a nice companion, our horses will help you achieve them. 

You can find horses of different coats, ages, and training levels. We assure you that among them there is the perfect match for you.

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Andalusian horses for sale in Spain

Andalusian horses have captured the hearts of equestrians and admirers worldwide due to their grace, intelligence, and nobility. 

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We know that acquiring an Andalusian horse is not a simple transaction. It involves thrilling moments of getting to know your future horse, a lot of passion, and joy. As your bond deepens, we will provide you with all the support you need

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If you intend to buy an Andalusian horse, you have come to the right place. We will accompany you throughout the process, making it really pleasant and as effortless as possible for you. 

If you are able to visit the Andalusian horses of your choice on the spot, we will schedule your appointments and accompany you throughout the whole process, even if you don’t speak Spanish. 

In case you wouldn’t like to spend precious time and money to visit the horses in person, we will schedule for you a video conference, where you can see your preferred horse “live” as well as ask everything you are interested in his owner or rider. 

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Andalusian horse price

As with other breeds, the following key factors play a significant role in determining the price of the Andalusian/ P.R.E. horses:

Andalusian Horses: Lineage

In the first place, the lineage plays an important role. If the horse descends from famous ancestors, his price will be higher.

Andalusian Horses: Training level

The training level is also important for horse price determination. Logically well-trained Andalusians, who excel in disciplines like dressage or horse jumping, will be more expensive than untrained horses.

Beauty and Physical Characteristics

The beauty and conformation, by which the Andalusian horse is distinguished, play an important role in determining his price. Horses that adhere closely to the breed’s standards and show extraordinary physical characteristics will be priced accordingly.


Age is another factor that influences the price. Younger horses, that have long life ahead, will be priced differently than experienced horses.

Andalusian Horses: Reproduction qualities

The reproduction qualities are also important when determining Andalusian horse price. Stallions or mares with proven breeding records will be more costly.

Temperament and Character

The temperament and character of the horse will influence the price too. Often buyers are looking for a gentle, soft character, which will impact the price.

Andalusian Horses: Breeder and Location

The price also depends on the breeder’s location and reputation. Reputable and trustworthy breeders can ask for higher price compared to less-known breeders.

Furthermore, the country of the breeder influences the price significantly. For instance, if you buy a horse in the USA or Canada he would be for sure much more expensive than acquiring him from Spain.

In general, we can say that the price for an Andalusian quality horse in Spain starts at 8.000 Euro.

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