Iberian Horses for Sale

Iberian Horses for Sale


Iberian Horses

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We refer to Iberian horses when we talk about horses originally from the Iberian Peninsula, that is, Spain and Portugal.

There are several breeds, although the most well-known are:

The physical characteristics of Iberian horses vary according to their line of origin, as there are several different ones. Their height at the withers can range from 1.50 m to more than 1.70 m, having all of them a very proportionate body. 

The Iberian horses are known as intelligent, kind, and friendly. They are easy to train, which makes them a preferred choice for many buyers. They can be used for a variety of disciplines: leisure riding, classical dressage, high school show, eventing, working equitation…

Buy Iberian horses

ARE YOU LOOKING TO acquire your equine companion, but you still don’t have him for the following reasons:


>> Although you browse through a large number of ads and websites, you can not find the one you are looking for.

>> You don’t know the seller and are not sure if you can trust him.

>> The horses you visit are not as described and you get disappointed. 

>> You lack time to make profound research and to find the special Iberian horse you want. 

>> You dispose on a limited budget to get the horse you wish in your country. However, in some parts of Spain, the prices are lower and you can afford to buy him.

>> All the horses you are interested in are too far away and you can’t afford to travel to the place to try them.

Buy Iberian horses: risks


Buying an Iberian horse is a thrilling adventure for all equestrian enthusiasts but it has certain risks. Not seldom do fraudulent merchants try to sell a horse they have not even seen themselves, they did not test him and don’t know his character. Therefore, they will not be able to sell you the perfect match for you. Acquiring an Iberian horse with an unsuitable temperament or advanced training for an inexperienced rider can lead to accidents and create a frustrating and unproductive partnership. Often sellers only get the pictures of the horse and after the transaction, they disappear. So you won’t be able to contact them anymore. You won’t dispose of any after-sale service or warranties. 

What is more, they can try to sell you a horse, who is not healthy or his ancestry is not as described. You should be aware of this and ask for official documentation such as veterinary records and breed certifications. However, they can be falsified. 

In regard to the health condition, it is recommended to hire an independent veterinarian to examine the horse before purchase. Or you should look for prestigious trustworthy breeders to buy the Iberian horse from.

A further risk is that you can get additional, hidden expenses, of which you were not informed during the purchase. They can be related to transportation or you could get import/ export fees when buying the horse internationally. You should be aware of and prepared for those fees. 

That is why you need a reliable partner when buying an Iberian horse. Trust a real expert in the Iberian horse market! 


Iberian horses expert


and I will help you find your horse in Spain or Portugal, even if you can't come and try him yourself

I love horses, all horses... but I am passionate about Iberian horses.

I know the Iberian horse market really well. I have been helping horse enthusiasts all over the world to get their dream Iberian horses for over 10 years. 

I will help you find your equine companion too! I will accompany you throughout the whole purchasing process. To make sure that everything will be fluent, I manage personally the contract elaboration, veterinarian, transport, etc. So you don’t need to worry about anything and can enjoy the process. 

Because buying a horse is very special! It is the beginning of a new relationship with a special companion that will become very important in your life.



Welcome to the world of the magnificent Iberian horses. In our catalogue you will find a wide range of¬† Spanish P.R.E. horses also known as Andalusian horses, P.S.L. Lusitano horses, CDE Spanish Sport horses, Hispano-√Ārabe, and Crossbreed horses. There is a variety of sizes, color coats, age. You can filter according to your riding level and budget.¬†

If you still don’t find your dream horse, don’t hesitate to contact us!

I accompany you

in your project to make your way easier, especially in the most difficult stage to 


Iberian horses for sale in Spain

Here's how I will help you find him

I will offer you healthy Iberian horses in Spain and Portugal. As a native Spanish person with great know-how on the Iberian market, I will provide you with the finest selection of horses from the Iberian peninsula. They are all in good spirits and correspond to the physical characteristics you are looking for. We have seen and tested all horses we offer ourselves. That’s why I guarantee that I will find the perfect match for you according to your budget, criteria and riding level. Here is how I will do that:¬†


Iberian horses for sale: benefits

Choose from the largest Iberian horses selection

You will find more than 300 horses for sale on our catalogue. But if you don't see the horse you're looking for, contact me! I have others in my files and offer you a custom search service.

Save time

Apply a filter on the catalog of horses for sale to see only those who match the profile you are looking for. There are new horses every week! You don't need to travel all way to Spain, you can save time and buy the horse at distance.

Save money‚Äč

By buying your dream companion from Spain, directly from the owner, you save more than 20%. All horse horse dealers do that. If you do it for yourself, you will save.

Reliable information

In the catalogue you will find recent photos and videos of all the horses. The description is written after testing the horse.

100% Trustful seller

All the Iberian horses for sale have been selected from a great number of horses hat we have tested. I know all about them, just ask me about the ones you like!

Reliable partners

I have been working with our partners, breeders, veterinarians, transporters for years. You will be in contact with serious, honest , trustworthy people who are also real animal-lovers.

Written agreement

Everything we talk about in our meetings will be put in writing; a contract for my services and another one for the purchase of your horse. You can be sure that everything we discussed will be fulfilled.

Bilingual veterinary report

You will receive a bilingual English-Spanish veterinary report. This way every aspect of the examination will be very clear to you.

Fast delivery of your Iberian horse

I work together with several transport companies, which allows me to provide a fast delivery service, in the best conditions and with the best care. This way you can receive your horse in just a few days and enjoy your new companion.

Documentation easy to update

Only the horse owner can update his documentation. I will provide you with clear instructions and forms that will help you do this in no time.

Iberian Horses: After-sales service‚Äč

I stay at your disposal for anything that you might need after the purchase. For any question, any situation or unforeseen event‚Ķ Give me a call! I will be happy to help you ūüôā


As you can tell, we dispose on a great selection of special Iberian horses for you! Healthy, with incredible physical characteristics and character! You can browse through our catalogue to see our available offers. Alternatively, you can contact us for more horses. We will offer you ones that match your needs, you can rest assured! 

We care about all the details of the transaction with great accuracy and transparency. This way, you can be calm and relaxed that everything will be done right: from the first contact and giving us your criteria for an Iberian horse until you receive him in your stable. 

Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Because it really is! Convince yourself!

Choose what you want to do next!